3 Peaks Challenge: Scafell Pike night ascent


Tuesday saw me working for Highpoint Mountain Guides again (http://www.mountainguides.co.uk), but this time it was dark, very dark, as Mark Eddy and I were tasked with leading a group of 6 on their night time ascent of Scafell Pike, as part of their 3-Peak Challenge.

The scheduled meet time shifted throughout the day, from a sociable 12.30am, to a less sociable 3am; but it settled eventually at a 1am meeting time in Wasdale.

I tried to get a power-sleep – it didn’t work, so I headed over to Ambleside, met up with Mark and we popped over Hardknott Pass to Wasdale. The weather was fine, still and quite clear, with the cloud base above the summits. The group arrived on time, 3 chaps, 3 girls, and we headed off up the hill at about 1.30am.

All went  well, with the 3 chaps making it to the summit with Mark in time for sunrise. I looked after the girls: having to walk two down from just before the river crossing, then after a fast stomp back up to Lingmel Col, I escorted the third back down. The whole group were safely back to the van by 5.30am and on their way to Snowdon.

Good luck guys!


20120614 P1010233 304x228 3 Peaks Challenge: Scafell Pike night ascent

The sun makes its way over Great Gable… 5.30am

20120614 P1010230 304x228 3 Peaks Challenge: Scafell Pike night ascent

Looking down over Wast Water at 4.30am


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