Winter climbing & mountaineering: Blea Water Gill


We had a look at Blea Water Gill today, up above Haweswater. The ice falls at Blea Water usually come in to condition pretty quickly, but unfortunately they are not quite there yet. The ice is relatively thin at the moment and is poorly bonded to the rock – water is flowing freely behind the majority of the line, even higher up. It needs another week to form properly.

We scrambled up alongside the line to check it out, popped on to the summit of High Street and back down the spur to Haweswater.

Quite a few parties out today, most were sensible enough to leave the Gill alone and let it get on with forming properly.

The pic is pitch 3 (depending on your rope length!) and looking up to the crux pitch, which isn’t well bonded yet either.

Team also reported poor climbing conditions on Brown Cove, Helvellyn’s east face and Great End. Be patient folks.

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Blea Water Gill not quite in yet

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