Mountain Leader night nav practice – Langdale Pikes


On Tuesday night, a good friend Will joined me for a bit of night nav practice on the Langdale Pikes. Will has his Mountain Leader training coming up in a few weeks so was keen to develop his skills so he could get the most out of the training. Will is also helping joining me on a big corporate walk that I am working on this Sunday night – 75 people for a night ascent of the Langdale Pikes.

We headed up to Stickle Tarn in the light, before heading up Dungeon Ghyll, the site of a very sad fatality only this afternoon. It’s easy to see how a simple mistake can be extremely serious as you traverse this steep gorge.

Harrison Stickle summit was extremly windy, but it was an otherwise clear night, which made the nav a little easier. We headed down via Loft Crag and were back in the NT car park for 11pm.

A great night time wander in the fells – always a special experience to be out when everyone else has gone home.

Cheers Will

20130416 DSC00514 608x405 Mountain Leader night nav practice   Langdale Pikes

Herdwick and its lamb

20130416 DSC00500 608x405 Mountain Leader night nav practice   Langdale Pikes

Night nav on Harrison Stickle

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