Swiftwater Rescue Training with Kendal MRT


Over the weekend I was training with colleagues from Kendal Mountain Search and Rescue Team on their Rescue 3 Swiftwater Rescue course. The 3-day course (the first day being a few weeks ago) basically qualifies me as a Swiftwater Rescue Technician and enables me to safely operate as part of the team in fast flowing waters and flood environments in rescue scenarios.

What a course! On approaching Gunpowder Rapids just outside Kendal on Saturday morning, throwing myself in to this fast flowing section, in what were quite high water levels seemed like a really bad idea. Its amazing though how quickly your confidence builds as you learn how to look after yourself and your team in such an environment.

The high-intensity weekend covered a wide range of topics, from how to accurately use a throw-line to reach a casualty, to a variety of river-rescue rope systems. The highlight for me being the ‘live bait’ technique which basically involves launching yourself off a bank into some fast flowing water to reach a casualty.

An excellent course on which I learnt a lot, made some good friends and had a lot of fun. Cheers to KMSRT for the opportunity and to Daz Ready for the quality instruction.


Here’s a video of part of the course – I think I’m 3rd in >> click here for video

And some pics:

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Swiftwater Rescue training with Kendal MRT

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