Multi-Activity Day – Climbing and Abseiling in Langdale


Yesterday we took writer Tanya Oliver and her friend Peter out for a multi-activity day of rock climbing and abseiling. Tanya spends a lot of time in the fells walking and managing the Lake District Fix the Fells project, so was keen to try a new challenge and to experience the vertical world.

Here is a link to Tanya’s account of the day, which is a much better write-up than mine! >>

And here is mine:

We met Tanya and Peter in Langdale and were pleased that the early morning rain stopped for us as we headed to Lower Scout crag for some rock climbing. We started on some easy lines on the slabs to the left of the crag and learnt how to tie in safely to the rope and how to belay a climber. After a couple of successful ascents, we moved around to some harder lines in the Cubs Crack area and both Tanya and Peter did really well on these steeper, longer climbs.

After lunch, we headed over to the amazing Cathedral Quarry in Little Langdale for some abseiling. We accessed the quarry through the main cavern, before scrambling up to the top of the 160ft test piece – a vertical wall of slate just waiting to be abseiled.

Peter confidentially abseiled down the wall twice and Tanya did really well too but couldn’t quite find the confidence to make it over the edge. I suggested that the smaller abseil (still a good 15meters!!) might be good to try, so we moved the ropes for Tanya to try this line instead. Tanya abseiled the line confidentially and in good style – well done! The big wall awaits for you next time :)

The adventure wasn’t quite over though – we left the quarry via a 100meter pitch black tunnel via a large cavern left from the quarry’s old operational days.

A great day out – thanks to Tanya and Peter for their company. We hope to see you both again soon.


20130612 DSC00738 608x405 Multi Activity Day   Climbing and Abseiling in Langdale

Climbing on Scout Crag

20130612 DSC00740 608x405 Multi Activity Day   Climbing and Abseiling in Langdale

Looking back down the Langdale valley



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