Mountain Leader (Summer) Refresher: Snowdonia


Yesterday we took Alison from Chelmsford out for a refresher day in preparation for her forthcoming Summer Mountain Leader assessment.

Alison was keen to look at rope work on steep ground and anchor selection, but also to refresh her micro navigation skills in poor visibility. To guarantee some poor visibility conditions, we decided to start the day late and intentionally finish in the dark, rather than relying on the weather bringing us some nice low cloud and hill fog.

Our instructor Jez met Alison in Llanberis mid afternoon and they headed up to the Llanberis Pass to look at ropework techniques. Below Clogwyn Mawr, Jez and Alison looked at security on steep ground, anchor selection and how to safeguard members of a group both ascending and descending tricky rocky steps. A valuable skill to have when working with groups in the mountains. After this, they also looked at how to safely descend by abseil, using just the rope – a picture of Alison doing just this is below.

Towards evening the focus shifted to micro-nav in preparation for some night navigation following dark. Jez and Alison looked at various different micro-navigtion techniques before putting these into practice in the dark (aka poor visibility!) for a couple of hours.

A great day was had by all and we wish Alison every success with her ML Assessment. Thanks to Jez for running the day for us.


20130813 P8130225 608x456 Mountain Leader (Summer) Refresher: Snowdonia

Alison practicing the South African abseil on her ML Refresher day

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