Multi-activity day: abseiling & gorge scrambling with Saj and friends


Last Saturday we were joined a group of 8 friends who were on their annual holiday in the Lakes and were after a day of multi-activity fun! In previous years this group had used a different provider, so we were really pleased that this year they’d decided to join us at Lakeland Ascents.

We met the group at Hodge Close for a morning of abseiling, mostly in the rain, but this didn’t dampen spirits.. or the banter! These guys were pros too – everybody launched down the big abseil at Hodge with no messing, some of them pretty quickly too! Military style!

After a few trips down the main wall, we headed over into the old mining caverns for a closer look at the history of the quarry. Here you can see some cool evidence of the old blasting and drilling practices from when Hodge Close was a working slate quarry. You also get a great view through the arches back over to the wall that you’ve just abseiled down.

After lunch, we headed over to our favourite haunt, Church Beck, for a spot of gorge scrambling. This was great fun as usual and everyone got really stuck in, despite the cool weather that we had that day. A select few even opted for the big 7m jump above the slide to experience some airtime! Well done Billy and co!

Cheers guys for a great day – hope to see you again next year.


20130921 DSC01179 405x608 Multi activity day: abseiling & gorge scrambling with Saj and friends

Exploring the caverns at Hodge Close


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