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1 day navigation course: Coniston


On Monday, Mike and Helen from Ulverston and Keswick joined us for a 1-day navigation course. Both keen fell runners, Mike and Helen wanted to improve their skills with a map and compass to give them the confidence to keep going when the cloud comes down and the conditions and visibility deteriorate.

We met Mike and Helen and headed up above Coniston onto the Yewdale Fells. This is a great area to practice navigation as it is off the beaten track but really featured, with an undulating landscape of endless contour features and streams.

We started off with some simple navigation strategies, looking at tick-off features, overshoot features and some pacing and timing before leaving the paths and obvious navigation features behind and learning to navigate purely off the shape of the land. In my opinion, if you can master the art of navigating off the shape of the land around you and the contours on the map, then you will never go far wrong. Mike and Helen took to this really well and were soon interpreting contours and navigating off compass bearings like professionals.

Thanks to Mike and Helen for a great day on the fells.


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Mike and Helen navigating off the beaten track on Yewdale Fells

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