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Why hire a professional mountain guide

For some people, visiting somewhere like the Lake District and tackling one of the famous mountain climbs is an exciting prospect. The thrill of reaching any famous summit can be exhilarating but many visitors find they lack the navigation skills that are required to find the safest and most efficient routes high in the mountains, in all weathers. At higher altitude both the weather and terrain can change in a few moments and a fun adventure can quickly turn into a risky situation if you don’t have the right skills and experience.

A professional mountain guide has the skills and experience to not only safely lead people up a mountain but can also demonstrate and teach a variety of different activities. This can include navigation skills but also scrambling, climbing, abseiling and teach individuals how to use a range of different climbing equipment.

Here’s a few reasons to hire a professional mountain guide for your next adventure in the Lake District:

Experts in their field

Lake District mountain guides have undergone extensive training and will know exactly how you should prepare for any trip. Their priority is to keep people safe and make qualified decisions should difficult situations occur.

They know the area and the safest routes

If you’re heading into the Lakeland fells and don’t have a good idea of which route to take or how to navigate then hiring a local mountain guide is your safest bet. Lake District mountain guides have an in-depth knowledge of the area and can guide you safely through it.

Professional guides can help you get the best of your short trip

A guide can ensure you get the very most out of what is likely to be a limited time you can or maybe want to spend in the fells. Mountain guides can not only recommend the best trips but also the best spots to rest or even safely enjoy more thrilling activities.

A guide can help plan your entire trip

Whilst they are far from being a travel or booking agent many Lake District mountain guides will be able to recommend places to stay or even to best places to eat. They will also ask you the right questions and create a trip that gets the most out of your abilities.

They can help improve your mountaineering skills

Not only can a mountain guide show you the best and safest route they will also pass on navigation skills or improve your climbing. They’ll be happy to provide feedback or encouragement, they may even try and push you to achieve something you didn’t think possible.

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