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Technical scrambling and mountaineering course – Ropework for Scramblers

20170430 P4300035 304x228 Technical scrambling course

A direct belay high above Langdale

This is a course for scramblers and mountaineers who have experience on Grade 1 ground and want to learn the technical skills and techniques to safely head onto Grade 2 and upwards terrain.

Spend 2 or more days with our experienced instructors on our Technical Scrambling and Mountaineering Course. Develop quickly as a mountaineer and get the skills to safely protect yourself and your scrambling partner as you head onto steeper, more serious ground.

We believe strongly in tailored and bespoke courses that are unique to you and designed for you as a mountaineer. We focus 100% on your ambitions which means we rapidly develop your skills and do everything we can to accelerate your scrambling career.

In addition to heading out and doing loads and loads of scrambling, an idea of the technical areas that we’d cover follows. In reality though we’d cover lots more!

  • Grade 2, 3 and 3+ scrambles and mountaineering routes in the safe hands of our instructors
  • Coaching on movement skills to help you progress quickly yet safely on technical terrain
  • How to take chest coils to shorten the rope and move more quickly and efficiently up technical terrain
  • When, why and how to use direct and indirect belay techniques
  • Building safe but quick belays using features of the rock, nuts, hexes, wires and cams
  • Managing stances and avoiding rope tangles and twists
  • Descending complex technical terrain safely
  • Abseiling when committed on steep technical terrain, high on the mountain
20170429 P4290008 304x224 Technical scrambling course

Belaying using an Italian Hitch

On a 2 day course covers as much as time allows (and we do cram it in!). To really develop your skills, add more days to give us loads of scope for moving you on significantly as a scrambler and mountaineer.

Our Technical Scrambling and Mountaineering Course run from pretty much anywhere in the mountains of the Lake District, or Snowdonia. Or in Scotland via our sister company Highland Ascents.

Finally, we also offer a variety of other scrambling courses and mountaineering courses. These are:


Price and dates: Prices are in the table below. We run private courses at a time that suits you. If you are on your own and don’t want a 1:1 course, let us know and we’ll do our best to hook you up with other likeminded people.

Course length (private courses)Price per person
2-day introductory course

4-day comprehensive course
1 person (1:1) £420

2 people (1:2)£220

1 person (1:1) £795

2 people (1:2) £420

Click here to make a booking or to find out more. You can also contact us by telephone on 07702 942980.

Ages and abilities: We can cater for all ages and abilities, from the beginner to those wanting to push into harder grades.

Group sizes and ratios: Your safety comes first so the maximum instructor:client ratio that we will work to is 1:2 – if your party is bigger than 2 people then there will be more than one instructor.

Venue: We will choose a venue that suits your aspirations and minimises the travelling that you need to do. There are loads of options in the Lakes, Snowdonia and in Scotland.

Kit: A kit list will be shared with you when you book, but all you really need are warm and waterproof ‘outdoor’ clothes and footwear. If needed we will lend you a harnesses, helmet and rock gear. We advise that you use your own kit if you have it so that you get familiar with it under expert tuition. We will provide all ropes.

Times: Generally we would look to meet at around 09.15 and be finished by around 16.30. We believe in bespoke, tailored days so we will always do our best to work around your other commitments and time constraints.

Mountain Leader (summer) refresher